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Lv Peng

Lv Peng’s Theatre of the Mind: Tally Beck

When we think of theatricality in contemporary Chinese art, we are likely to conjure up the bold experimentation of performance art pieces: Sheng Qi tethers a chicken to his genitalia, Zhang Huan sits nude, slathered with fish oil and covered in flies, in a Beijing public toilet, and Cai Guo-Qiang sets the landscape ablaze with his orchestrated explosions. These are powerful expressions, but they are confined to the reality of the material world. Lv Peng reveals a fantastic, theatrical world in two dimensions.
The charming grace notes that contribute to the sumptuous composition are born of spontaneity
Tally Beck

Lv Peng creates in ink on paper and acrylic on canvas with equal facility. Regardless of medium, he constructs his paintings like fanciful stage sets. The background builds forward like a sequence of diaphanous backdrops, but the scenes are usually groundless; his players and their props float and fly, intertwined in a maelstrom of activity. An expert colourist, Lv Peng heightens the drama by enveloping his figures in billowing swaths of fabric in saturated hues.
After the Rain is an example of one of Lv Peng’s more exuberant works. A celebration of sunshine after a spring rain, the work features quotations from classic poetry. A modern Chinese couple dominate the upper section of the canvas. Their sumptuous silk outfits dance in the light as their visages react with intense interest to an unknown event offstage. Several small flags adorn the woman’s back: a reference to Beijing opera’s nod to the traditional warrior’s practice of carrying protective banners on his most vulnerable side.

The woman delicately handles a slender spear that obliquely bisects the composition and provides a stable, linear counterpoint to the swirling forms around it. Beneath the spear, a contorted horse dominates the centre of the canvas. The muscular beast bucks in mid-air. He is riderless, and his genitals are readily visible. He represents freedom and limitlessness. One of his hooves threatens to interfere with a copulating couple. These two are an unmistakable reference to sixteenth-century erotic Chinese art. The man wears the robes of a mid-level imperial court official, while the woman sports tiny, deformed feet shaped by binding. As is the case with its antecedent, this erotic image is rather passionless but depends on surrounding attributes to lend it sensuality. Here, the background is a sybaritic magenta cloud, and the sturdy branch between the man’s legs is an effective symbol of his erotic enthusiasm.
The charming grace notes that contribute to the sumptuous composition are born of spontaneity: the obliterated face on the man below, the menacing mask on the woman’s shoulder above as well as her curious sporting of only one sock are all decisions that the artist himself cannot explain. He states that he creates these peculiarities in the moment. This allowance for serendipity combined with his painterly style creates the dynamic richness that characterises all of Lv Peng’s works.

1967              Born in Beijing, China
1987-91         Capital Normal University Dept. of Fine Arts, Bachelor Degree of Arts
2007             PHD Chinese Painting Department in Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)
Present         Associate professor at Fine Arts Department of Beijing Institute of Education
Solo Exhibitions
2015              Forbidden Books (2), Lotus Art Museum, Beijing
2014             Forbidden Books (1), Being3 Gallery, Beijing
2011              Lost Realm by Lv Peng, Red Gate Gallery
                     Empty Age, Dialogue Space of Art, Beijing
2010              Empty City, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong
2009             Empty City, Le Feuvre Gallery, Paris
2008              Lv Peng, Red Gate Gallery
2007              Wandering at Ease (2), 798 Avant Gallery, New York
                       Wandering at Ease, Plum Blossoms, Hong Kong
2005              A Fighting World of Female Beauty (2), Red Gate Gallery
                       A Fighting World of Female Beauty (1), Chinese Contemporary, London
2004              Memory, Qing Ping Gallery, Boston
2002              Realm of Red, Red Gate Gallery
2001              Capital Night, Red Gate Gallery
                       Capital Night, Chinese Contemporary
1999              Through the Wall, Chinese Contemporary
1997              The Edge, Chinese Contemporary
1996              Floating – Small Works, Tayuan Apartments Block, Beijing
1994              Lv Peng – Small Works, Mingzhu Gallery, Beijing
1991               Chinese Small Works, Friendship Hotel, Beijing
Group Exhibitions

2017              Red Gate on the Move, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

                      What if Ink? An Investigation of the Implications and Extensions of Ink,

                      Songzhuang Art Museum, Songzhuang

                      Imperial Park – Shenzhengism selected works Exhibition from China-Italy Biennale,


                      Presence of China: International Contemporary Art Forum,

                      Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center

2016              From Nature to Mind – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing

                      Now Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Baijia Lake Art 100 Gallery, Beijing

                      Metamorphosis – The 4th China-Italy Biennial Exhibition, Beijing

                      High Above – The Chinese contemporary Ink Masters’ Art works Invitational Exhibition,

                      Tianmi Art Space, Shenzhen

2015              Image Study, Rightview Art Museum, Beijing

                      Yi Xing Huan Ying – Oriental Imagination VI Art Exhibition, Permanence Gallery, Beijing

                      Art Central Art Fairs, Hong Kong

                      Elisir di lunga vita, The 3rd Biennale Italia-China, Mastio della Cittadella,

                      A NEW FINE LINE: Contemporary Ink Painting From China,

                      University of Colorado Denver, Denver

2014              The 2nd China-Italy Biennale Art Exhibition, Beijing

                      Five Senses · Eight Artists –

                      Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition With The Theme of House,

                      New Ink Image Gallery

2013              Green Box Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Museum,Zagreb La Biennale di Venezia,

                      Venice Miniature & Delicacies, Poly Museum of Art, Beijing Philosophical Interpretations of

                      Paintings, China National Museum of Art, Beijing Chink of Time,

                      Being3 Gallery Beijing Made in China, Mantova Palazzo Te Italy The World,

                      Prajna Art Foundation Hong Kong Logic of Ink, Space Gallery Beijing

2012              Two Generations - 20 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art 2012 Australian Tour:

                      City of Sydney Chinese New Year; Manning Regional Gallery; Damien Minton Gallery;

                      University Newcastle Gallery; Melbourne International Fine Arts (MiFA); Linton & Kay, Perth

                      Multiple Layers, Shanghai Museum of Art,

                      Shanghai The Adventures of the Three Travel Weary Loafers 2012, Today Art Museum,

                      Beijing Seriousness & Frivolousness, Meilun Art

                      Museum, Wuhan Contempoary Ink from 5 Artists, Poly Museum Beijing Italy and China Biennale, Monza

2011               20 Years – Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, island6 Art Center, Shanghai

                      20 Years – Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, Red Gate Gallery
2010              Illusory World (2), Mulan Gallery, Singapore
                      Yellow Gate, Gwangju Museum Art, Gwangju
                      Academic Classics Exhibition of Meticulous Paper Works, Hubei Museum of Art
2009             Water and Color, Today Art Museum, Beijing
                      Midway China Tour, Beijng, Tianjing, Xiamen, Shanghai
                      Midway Australian Tour, Wollongong, Sydney
                      Illusory Worlds, Mulan Gallery, Singapore
                      From Nature to Mind, National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Beijing
                      Scent of Ink, Dialogue Space of Art, Beijing
                      Academic Chinese Painting, Gallery of National Academy of Fine Art, Beijing
                      Miniature & Delicacies, Zhejiang Museum of Art, Hangzhou
2008             Telltale Paintings, Dialogue Space of Art, Beijing
                      Orient Imagination 2008, Wall Art Museum, Beijing
                      Chinese Inks, Catherine Schubert Fine Art, Bangkok
                      30 years in Chinese Contemporary Art, National Theatre
                      Assembling Under the Five Rings, Art Media Center
                      Go Game Beijing, Soemo
                      Red Gate Stars, Red Gate Gallery
                      SCOPE, New York
                      Contemporary Asian Art, Robischon Gallery, Denver
                      Document of Chinese Contemporary Art, Wall Art Museum
2007             Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Deauville Asian Film Festival, Deauville
                      Sovereign Asia Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Sovereign Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
                      The Chinese Contemporary Art Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
2006             Chinese Contemporary Art Collection, Huston Art Museum, Huston
                      Visual Contemporary, Millennium Art Museum of China, Beijing
                      Oriental Imagination, NAMOC, Beijing
                      New Ink Art, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
                      To the Watchtower: Red Gate Gallery’s 15th Anniversary
                      New Ink Painting, Zhu Qizhan Art Gallery, Shanghai
                      Frontline (2), Plum Blossoms, Hong Kong
                      Dreaming, Holy Oriental Gallery, Shanghai, Beijing
                      "Du" Expressions of Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
                      Radar, Contemporary Art from China, Denver Museum of Art, Denver Under the Radar,
                      Robischon Gallery, Denver
                      Made in China, Young Chinese Contemporary Artists, Opera Gallery, London
                      Document of Chinese Contemporary Art, Millennium Art Museum of China
                      Today's Art in China, NAMOC, Beijing
2005              Observing the Senses, Red Gate Gallery
                      Portrait Paintings from Collage Art, Today Art Museum
                      Frontline, Plum Blossoms
                      New Generation, Goedhuis Gallery, New York
                      Les Cent Fleurs, Villa Tamaris Center d’Art, France
2004             Chinese Fine Art, International Art Palace, Beijing
                      Crowds and Voids 11 + 1, Art Scene China Gallery, Shanghai
2003             Microcosmic and Delicate, NAMOC
                      2nd Chinese Art Exhibition, Xinghai International Exhibition Centre, Dalian
                      Harmony / Unusual, International Art Palace
                      Festival of Youth’s Art, Today Art Gallery
2002             Chinese Art of the Contemporary, Piltzer, Paris
2001             Legend of China, Yi Dian Gallery, Shanghai
                      China Contemporary Fine Art, NAMOC
                      Clues to the Future – Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary
                      Past – Present, Art Center of Silpakorn University, Bangkok
2000             Between the Lines, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
1999             Transparent, Opacity? 14 Artists Contemporairis Chinois, ACACA, Paris
                      China 46 Contemporary Chinese Art (2), Melbourne
                      China 46 Contemporary Chinese Art (1), Taiwan Hoke Art Gallery, Shanghai
1998              5000 + 10 Chinese Art, Bilbao, Spain
                      Black & White, Chinese Contemporary
                      New Art from the PR of China, Lamont Gallery, Boston
                      Between the Lines, Lee Gallery & Studio Lido Park, Beijing
1997              Adventures of the Three Travel Weary Loafers 3, Arvada Center, Colorado
                      Life on the Fringe, Lee, Gallery & Studio Lido Park, Beijing
                      Contemporary Chinese Art, Chinese Contemporary, London
1995              Life on the Edge, Three Travel Weary Loafers 2, International Art Palace
                      Small Chinese Inks, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
1994              Three Travel Weary Loafers 1, Beijing Contemporary Arts
1993              Three Travel Weary Loafers Preliminary Exhibition, Tower Garden, Beijing
                      Chinese Art of the 1990s, Chinese History Museum, Beijing
1991              Young Artists, CAFA
                      Ink Paintings from Young Artists, Beijing Contemporary Arts


                        Asian Art Coordinating Council UAS

                        Denver Art Museum USA

                        Geoje Art Center Korea

                        Gwangju Museum of Art Korea

                        National Museum of Art China

                        Audi AG China

                        Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House China

                        The Wall Museum China

                        Red Gate Gallery China

                        Chinese Contemporary Gallery UK

                        Mulan Gallery Singapore

                        Saint Oriental Gallery China

                        Meilun Art Museum China

                        Xiamen Art Museum China

                        Being3 Gallery China

                        Prajna Art Foundation Hong Kong

                        Ying Media Group China


Private collections from : P.R China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, France, US, Italy, Germany Sweden, Switzerland, Australia ,Thailand, Korea, Japan, Singapore


My new work (Leaving the Garden of Dreams) searches the relationship between image and character. The relationship is a combination of inner configuration and interaction - it expresses the fall of the human race into a trance that is the current contemporary dream.

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