November 2015 Red Gate Residents

Nov 18,2015


Rabea Edel, Writer & Journalist, Germany

I'm a writer, novelist and conceptual journalist from Berlin. PEN member since 2014. As a writer I published several novels. As a journalist I organize the »Urban Journalism Salon« as an interactive new offline event to connect journalists and their readers, to get them involved into discussions about nowadays topics in a more direct and personal way. In Beijing I'll work on my third novel, that questions in an abstract and dystopian way among a poetical shoreline the current situation of Europe. And I would like to get in touch with everyone - other artists, journalist, writers, the people in my neighborhood, the city and country itself. I would like to get lost in a new surrounding to find myself back within a new environment and with a lot of new questions and maybe stories to tell.

Tezz Kamoen, Drawing, Netherlands

Living in a neo-liberal, western society is as a start point in my practice. I ruminate on the individual’s position in society; success and failure; commercialism; and societal relationships. When feelings as being uncomfortable and shame arise, it catches my interest. This has its outcome in very investigative and diary like drawings. My practice is self-reflective and psychological, displaying a stream of consciousness that is raw, urgent and fractured. My work is packed with information and focuses on different layers, in mixed media, combing dazzling figures, objects, colors and obsessive notating. 
Joy Long, Sculpture, Australia 
After researching the psychological and emotional events in the early life of artist Louise Bourgeois, I felt inspired to draw upon my own life experience to inform my work. During 2015, as I travel through the UK, Paris, Berlin, Venice, France, and Beijing, often staying at artists’ residencies, I am creating a series called “Homesick”, this multi-disciplinary body of work incorporates embroidery, applique and painting in order to subvert the imagery and content within long established needlework practice. My work depicts unexpected images, together with poignant and often humorous text. The intention is to expand the field of portraiture and self-portraiture by marrying it with biography and autobiography.
Virginia Samper and Blanca Ulloa, Multidisciplinary, Spain
Our practice is based on research subjects involving the interpretation and re-contextualization of both contemporary and historical myths and symbols. Through these, we explore the spiritual manifestations that intertwine in our world defined by an increasing technological and individualistic gradient. We attempt to deduct from the embedded prejudices that lie around religious imagery and try to reposition these signifiers in the cultural context.
Erica Sklenars, Video/performance, New Zealand 
Erica Sklenars works predominantly in the mediums of performance and video, creating both solo performative video art, and collaborative audio-visual performance installation. 
Her solo work is an ongoing series of personal performative videos that reconfigure contemporary understandings of objectivity, gender and contemporary feminisms with the subversive tactics of marginalist comedy. Many of these themes also overlap into her collaborative projects involving live video performance, where the artist uses sampled and re-contextulized footage combined with original content. Here the artist works with various musicians and sound artists to create immersive performance installations under the name Lady Lazer Light.
Andrew Sunderland, Sculpture/Sound/Print, UK
I am a london based artist working with fabrics, sound, technology, and sculpture.
Johanna Tinzl, Visual artist, Research based/Public Art/Performative Interventions/Installations/Video/Sound/Objects/Text, Austria

Johanna Tinzl was born in Innsbruck (Austria) in 1976. The artworks Johanna Tinzl develops are based on a conceptual approach especially analyzing the relationship between social and political structures that evolve from the notions of power in everyday life. Her ideas progress following site-specific researches  which she later integrates into performative or installative formats. Her works include a wide range of media such as video, sound, object and text.

Johanna Tinzl is particularly interested in finding information from archives, virtual sources and recordings. Interviews of people directly concerned with her subject are also an important part of her investigation. These materials are assembled creating multifaceted and polyphonic narratives. Thus, her works can be of fictional or documentary nature.


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