February 2016 Red Gate Residents

Feb 01,2016

Lucie Pribik, Drawing, Germany

Lucie Pribik's real name is Pribikova. Long time ago she was born in Prague. In the past century she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and she also has a Master in Philosophy and Art History. Currently she works as a professor of design ar the faculty of architecture at the University in Potsdam. She is planning a PHD thesis about the future of art education.


Jason Cordero, Painter, Australia


I am an Australian painter who has focused predominantly on landscape with a particular interest in the sublime. Of late I have produced works which are not portraits of place but consider the concepts of wilderness and narrative. Using traditional and digital media and I aim to explore the sublime of a built environment; as an ancient and contemporary capital, Beijing promises to be an absorbing subject.


John Domont, Painter, Photographer, Poet, United States


I am from the American Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana. As a artist I have traveled around the world in pursuit of beauty and human dignity. My art is about presence and place.

I spend my days painting, photographing, writing poetry. I feel that my artworks reflect the moments, places, and guideposts of a human journey – a journey with art, in which I include themes, ideas and realities common to all humanity and the beauty of our time and place.


Longshaohua, Painter, China

Long Shaohua was born in 1960 in Linfen City, Shanxi province, he came to Beijing in 2007 and stayed in Songzhuang art village since.


Raphaela Melsohn, Multidisciplinary, Brazil 


I'm a Brazilian artist and my project during the residency consists in developing and investigating ways of communicating by drawing. Based on the structure of Chinese ideogram I want to do performances in which the drawing acts as media for translating myself on chosen situations.

In a country that I barely speak the language, being a foreign, displaced, I understand that I have to develop another way of thinking and also communicating. I usually work with different medias, according to what my research and work demand.


Anja Ronacher, Photography, Austria



Kanako Tada, Painting, Japan


Hi, my name is Kanako. I'm base in Tokyo. I've finished MFA on 2015.I paint a portrait. My works all of Images borrow from magazine, Internet, books and so on. I choose a women's images. In Beijing, I keep my works more deeply and dig inside, some works in another residency in Shanghai I will do continue. On the other hand, I really want to know or talk about women's image of China, or other than countries artist, or people.

10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday - Sunday
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