March 2016 Red Gate Residents

Mar 01,2016

John Domont, Painter, Photographer, Poet, United States


I am from the American Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana. As a artist I have traveled around the world in pursuit of beauty and human dignity. My art is about presence and place.

I spend my days painting, photographing, writing poetry. I feel that my artworks reflect the moments, places, and guideposts of a human journey – a journey with art, in which I include themes, ideas and realities common to all humanity and the beauty of our time and place.



Stefan Hoffmann, Printmaker, Netherlands


I use vertical screen printing to create site specific projects. I will be working intensively with students at the Western Academy of Beijing to create a large scale temporary installation on walls and windows.

This will be my second visit to China after a stay in Shanghai in 2013. I am specially interested in ancient chinese printmaking and want to explore the relationship between the chinese sign based language and early Infographics from the beginning of 20th century.



Paddy Lennon, Visual Art, Ireland


Born in Dublin in the mid 1950s I was passionate about visual art from an early age. Receiving a Diploma in Fine Art from the City and Guilds Arts School in London 1980, I have gone on to make a living from my practice since that time. Currently living in Wexford I paint and draw a country whose existence is found only in my work. Recent successful solo shows 2013-2014 include - The Gaslamp Gallery, Gorey; The Lightbox Gallery, Yas Island, UAE; Galerie Freling, Geneva, Switzerland and Wexford Festival Opera, Ireland.

I am applying to Red Gate Residency primarily to network and build connections. I am anxious to broaden my experience of the Chinese Art Scene, to attend Art Openings, open studios, and meet artists, gallerists and curators etc.

I am spending 3 months in Da Wang Cultural Highland working on a painting project of large scale works that need the space of Da Wang for their production.

Your residency look like a wonderful chance to spend time immersed in the art world and I would consider it a great opportunity if you were to accept my application.


Shuwei Liu, Photography and indigo dyeing, China


I've been obsessed with the color blue, so that i'm living in blue and designing indigo blue clothing and working on my "Blue" trilogy photography project.


Chen Song, Soil and Mixed Materials, China


From the earth I come, let me return to the earth.
The “Dust to Dust” series bury everything. All the pictures are filled with the earth, restoring the monotonous original color from the nature while removing the dazzling lights. The works are the representation of my subconscious that I have been always obsessed with the pure texture on the surface of the earth, with simple beauty and protopathic sensibility of the earth. It is a serene state after the life passing through gorgeous experience, with the presence of great beauty. There is a need for medical treatment, a pressing return and reflection. It results in that the real world cannot get access to a treatment for a peaceful soul needs. The accumulation of everything in the past, in the future, passing through, both individual and group struggle, cannot find ideological position There are the indifference between the same type and the exploitation and violence on the nature… All of them will return to the earth, resulting deep calmness.From dust to du st, we will be able to regenerate energy. Song Chen 2010 in Shanghai.



Daniel Stempfer, Installation/Sculpture, Austria Chen Song, Soil and Mixed Materials, China


Daniel Stempfer is an Austrian artist living and working in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin.

His sculptures and installations are often dealing with temporary phenomena, the traces they leave and the various – sometimes mutually contradictory – narratives those traces support in retrospect.

He is also the co-curator of the exhibition space Jenifer Nails. (


Kanako Tada, Painting, Japan

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