May 2016 Red Gate Residents

May 01,2016

Daniel Stempfer, Installation/Sculpture, Austria

Daniel Stempfer is an Austrian artist living and working in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin.

His sculptures and installations are often dealing with temporary phenomena, the traces they leave and the various – sometimes mutually contradictory – narratives those traces support in retrospect.

He is also the co-curator of the exhibition space Jenifer Nails. (


David Gumbs, Multimedia / Visual Arts, Saint-Martin / France

I'm a visual and multimedia artist from the island of Saint-Martin in the Caribbean. 

Based on my « Offscreen » interactive video series and my Ecorc(é) photography series, I’m interested in exploring new mental, and social landscapes through interactive video and sound installation. These new micro landscapes are inspired by Edouard Glissant’s « Tout Monde » poetic journeys and the notion of trajectories, flux, and transformation of mental and sociologic identities, found in both my wandering drawings and my organic experimental animations.\u2028

This research aims at studying the local viewer’s « Mental Archeology » by confronting their hidden memories with fragments of my own Caribbean imagery. And discovering « new species » of microscopic univers from the Chinese culture.


Kristie Sim, Painter, Singaporean

Kristie Sim ZE MING is an emerging visual artist from Singapore.

Identity, destruction, modernity and other existential juxtapositions brought about from change (ie. life in death and death in life) are recurring themes in her semi-abstract work. The interest in figures and structural forms is no secret. The various subject matters chosen are often borrowed to reflect the personal development of her mental and psychological landscape. Meanwhile, she is questioning the institution's expectations of visual arts and its function in Singapore.


Roman Hagenbrock, Video, Performance, Germany

Roman Hagenbrock was born in 1987 in Dortmund, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin. After studying Audiovisual Media, Hagenbrock worked as cinematographer and editor for several new media projects and shortfilms. His interest has turned towards thinking camerawork as an extended practice. Questions of how images affect our bodies and their movements, questions of their perception and sensation have been crucial to most of his work. In collaboration with the artistic collective copy & waste he has been creating trans-media theatre pieces and performances, always dealing with the change of cities in the 21st century, with the blurring boundaries between fact and fiction. While in Beijing he - in collaboration with chinese artists - wants to create a trans-media performance dealing with the interdependency of body and city. The result will be both: a document of several research-walks through the megalopolis and the creation of a phant asmatic, inexistent Beijing, an imaginary, intermedial landscape only the audience of the performance space will be able to explore.



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