July 2016 Red Gate Residents

Jul 01,2016
Georg Salner, Conceptual Painting/Sculpture/Photography, Austria

Last time I came to Beijing in 2005. I came with a speacial concept overland from Pakistan (having "followed" Xuan Tsang to Xi'an) and left for Chengdu, Kunming and Shanghai. Returning to Beijing after 11 years under completly different conditions will enable me to go deeper in to the subject CAPITAL. 
Beijing is obviously one of the foremost political and economical centres in the world and is at the same time culturally outstanding and of great significance. Out of this reason any kind of study of the surfaces of this city is of paradigmatic meaning.
According to my special interests in signs, codes, colours, objects, architecture (especially the very modern one) and small, subjective moments in the city I want to bring together a great number of interesting details with the medium photography, conbined into detailed modular patterns. I will not produce explicit studio work in Beijing, because this I always and only do in my Viennese studio. So my studio will mainly be the City of Beijing.
Grace Lang, Painting/Sculpture, USA 
Grace Lang is 26 years old and living in Brooklyn,New York. Holding a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design, as well as a BA in Literature from Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts, Grace's goal is to give her internal demons form and, in turn, the warriors who will slay them. Continually preoccupied with the concept of personal “demons,” her work reflects the internal struggles that plague us all, creating visual manifestations of those dark little thoughts that are at once frightening and sort of funny. Much of Grace's art stems from the belief that these personal demons are not necessarily enemies but, rather, aspects of ourselves that can be utilized for good. With each difficult experience, our armor grows and we become the warriors of our own worlds.
Jon Poblador, Painting/Drawing, USA
I see the purpose of an arts residency as gift of time. A time to focus on just making art without the distractions of work or other daily errands that can consume most of the day. I can make an effort to really push the ideas behind my art; start on a major project that has been gestating in my head; or even use the opportunity to explore something totally new. I expect the experience to take a lot out of me (physically, spiritually, and mentally) but that is exactly what I am looking for. I need to make myself uncomfortable and to really question the things that I do because those are the times when growth and discovery truly happens.
Sonia York-Pryce,Dancer, Film maker, Photographer, Australia
Sonia is a PhD Candidate at QCA Griffith University, Qld Australia. Her research project is :Ageism and the mature dancer. The research examines the role of dancers who extend beyond the paradigm of age and their contribution to current dialogues in the field of dance. So far the research has taken her to the UK, Holland, Sweden and Germany.
Sonia was very fortunate to have a RGR in 2012 where she photographed LDTX Beijing Dance company and the images were later featured in the Ballarat Foto Biennale and the Qld Centre for Photography. Sonia hopes to revisit the company during this residency as well as write part of the thesis for the PhD.
Yutavia George, Painter, The Bahamas
My current works explore identity and one’s ever changing environment. I am probing associations between the individual and his surroundings. I manipulate oil paint on canvas and pallet knife impressions to create my works. I use the disciplines of painting, drawing and sculpting to convey messages of our environment, and its constant changes. I am of the belief, that one cannot perceive goals, but you have a plan. You know of this internal presence and you are working towards materialization. You cannot see a specific picture but you know of the nearness or distance from that aspiration –represented by light values. I manipulate color, space and value on canvas to show a push and pull, and changing of setting. Two areas which I consider are in constant conflict are one’s internal environment and one’s external environment. Positive or negative changes in those areas affect how one perceives achieving an aspiration. Juxtaposing these elements as raw material gives a simplistic approach to my holistic concept- our environment is in constant change. Using pallet knives allow me to control emphasis and rest on the frame through impasto, repetition and movement. My belief is, no matter the changes we must strive towards our goals. We must be determined to survive although the light may be dim. One may ask why? Well, because I am of the opinion, our determination is linked to our faith. I believe if we lose faith in something we are passionate towards, we could lose everything, reason for survival and existence.
Nichamon Kittisimanont, Communication Designer, Thailand
Nichamon Kittisimanont was raised in Bangkok and lives and studies Communication Design in Glasgow. During her time as a foreign student at the Glasgow School of Art, her works explore the comparative cultures and philosophies. This is an attempt to visualise alienate reality in installation, still and moving image. She enjoys experimenting with narrative as well as a wide range of media. Her approach is process based, concept driven.
Marie Genevieve Cyr, Clothing, sculpture, Canada
Marie Genevieve is the Associate Director of the BFA Fashion program at Parsons School for Design in New York City, where she teaches. This residency program is acting as a springboard for her research on craftsmanship as performance and on the visual exploration of exotic landscapes.
JosephJagos, Painter, Sculpture, Photography, USA
My name is Joseph Jagos. I am a native of Flint/Detroit Michigan. I have been based in New York City for 9 years now. I currently show and have a studio with Interstate Projects gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn. I am looking forward to utilizing my time in Beijing with the Red Gate Gallery residency program.
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