New Object by Shi Yulong and Zhang Xinyi

New Object by Shi Yulong and Zhang Xinyi

Hit the Tiger on the Hill by Shi Yunlong

When I was a little boy, we always invited carpenters to our home to make furniture for us. Several carpenters would live with us until they completed their work. As a child, I was curious about tools and methods for carpentry, and it seems that since then, wood and its joinery methods has left me with an entertaining impression, and I kept wondering about carpenters in my childhood. Hit the Tiger on the Hill is a lullaby that always comes to me when I am working, which is all about childhood memories. 



Zoo by Zhang Xinyi

The reproduction of cities is similar to IKEA's globalized industrial mode with the same Bauhaus design tradition. Furniture seems to have a natural relationship with architecture. By a variety of commercial strategies, IKEA attracts many customers. Products penetrate our daily life and reduce differences between us. I used IKEA's material, deconstructed the original functions and meanings and constructed an incessant moving city scape where patterns and tempos of life are caught and tamed by an industrial society. When we are looking at animals in the zoo, we are actually the animals in a zoo scape

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