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Bei Gao Studio/Loft Spaces

Red Gate's six studio/lofts are set in Fei Jia Cun situated in the north end of Beijing. The site has been converted into a series of studios and apartments. Onsite local galleries include the
Imagine Gallery. It is a congenial and fun environment where Chinese and foreign artists are living and working together. The community is enlivened by many informal activities and frequented by many visitors.

Each studio/loft is self-contained complete with local phone, internet, hot water, fridge, gas stove, bottled water, microwave, DVD, CD/Radio, washing machine, heating and air conditioning and adequate kitchen gear, furnishings and linen. Utilities and weekly cleaning are included. Each artist is given a bicycle to explore the neighboring small villages and more deeply immerse themselves in the local culture.

Friends and family are welcome to visit.
Bei Gao 1 :: Red Doors
Bei Gao 1 :: Bedroom
Bei Gao 1 :: Kitchen
Bei Gao 2 :: Outside
Bei Gao 2 :: Kitchen
Bei Gao 2 :: Inside
Bei Gao 3 :: Outside
Bei Gao 3 :: Studio
Bei Gao 4:: Studio
Bei Gao 4:: Studio
Bei Gao 5 :: Outside
Bei Gao 5:: Bedroom
Bei Gao 5:: Inside
Bei Gao 6 :: Outside
Bei Gao 6:: Kitchen
Bei Gao 6 :: Studio

Bei Gao 6 :: Bedroom

Downtown Tuanjiehu Apartments

Red Gate leases a number of modest one bedroom apartments in Chinese housing on the east side of Beijing close to the embassy and business districts. These apartments are situated in very local neighborhoods allowing the residents to experience the traditional and modern flavors of Beijing; in many cases you will be the only foreigner on the block. Each self-contained apartment has a lounge room, kitchen, and bathroom, with all amenities including fridge, bottled water, TV, DVD, CD/Radio, washing machine, air conditioner/heating, gas cooking facilities, hot water, linen, internet and local phone. Utilities and weekly cleaning are included.

Tuanjiehiu 403

Tuanjiehiu 403 :: Bedroom
Tuanjiehiu 403 :: Bathroom
Tuanjiehiu 403 :: Livingroom

Tuanjiehiu 402 :: Bedroom
Tuanjiehiu 502 :: Bedroom
Tuanjiehiu 402 :: Study

Tuanjiehiu 502 :: Kitchen


The following map shows Red Gate's two residency locations as well as some spots in the city that our residents often frequent.