August 2016 Red Gate Residents

Aug 01,2016

Alvaro Barrington, Painter, USA

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In mid-80s, Emelda Barrington, a woman I didn't know, received a jewelry box as gift. Nearly 30 years later that jewelry box has never left my side. It is the most important possession I own. This box has connected me to China for most of my life. I want to make something about this that feels as real as that box.


Daniel Hoffmann, Drawing, Germany

I´m a drawer. I´m working with Paper and self-mixed watercolour. The papers will in different operations folded, curled and washed out.


Gyun Hur, Installation, Drawing, Performance, South Korea

Gyun Hur has performed and exhibited in Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Italy, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Gyun's work has been widely recognized for her floor installations comprised of hand-shredded silk flowers. Through her menial process of making and transforming materials, the artist constructs a visual landscape to evoke a sense of labor, loss, and memories. She intends to continue her visual and conceptual exploration in memories, loss, and labor in a series called "In Pairs" in drawings, installations, and performances during her artist residency at Red Gate, Beijing, China.


Georg Salner, conceptual painter/sculptor/photographer..., Austria

Last time I came to Beijing in 2005. I came with a speacial concept overland from Pakistan (having "followed" Xuan Tsang to Xi'an) and left for Chengdu, Kunming and Shanghai. Returning to Beijing after 11 years under completly different conditions will enable me to go deeper in to the subject CAPITAL. 

Beijing is obviously one of the foremost political and economical centres in the world and is at the same time culturally outstanding and of great significance. Out of this reason any kind of study of the surfaces of this city is of paradigmatic meaning.

According to my special interests in signs, codes, colours, objects, architecture (especially the very modern one) and small, subjective moments in the city I want to bring together a great number of interesting details with the medium photography, conbined into detailed modular patterns. I will not produce explicit studio work in Beijing, because this I always and only do in my Viennese studio. So my studio will mainly be the City of Beijing.


Jack Burton, Photographer, UK

I work mainly with photography, making studio still lives. My process is playful, and when I am making the photographs I want them to go somewhere that I wasn't expecting, in this way I hope to keep the work surprising, and allow the images to go further than the small ideas I have for them.


Lang Ea, sculptor, New Zealand

My art works are created commentaries on politics, consumer culture and the process of social perception that explore my interest in the personal yet universal challenges of war. My sculptures and installations are created from everyday materials including resin, polystyrene, glass, concrete, ceramic and wool. 

While at Red Gate, I will explore a new series of ceramic sculptures and investigate new materials to cast, whist researching on China’s wealth of ceramic History amongst its ancient cultural civilization.


Marc Siegner, mixed media, Canada

I have participated in this residency a number of times and always find new and amazing surprises waiting for me to discover. I particularly love the food, so much so that I have based my studio practice on street food. Food is one of the cornerstones of cultural identity, and for me my love of food has provided me with intimate opportunities to engage and learn about other cultures. The resulting relationships provide a rich personal context in which to visually explore aspects of cultural adaptation. I am here to complete a project that involves constructing a large curtain out of recycled rice bags for a public space back home in Edmonton, Alberta. As well I hope to be working with a scroll-maker on a large image I have been developing of FeiJiaCun for an exhibition in September.


Polly(Justine) Williams, Painting, Australia

Hi, I'm Polly Williams, my artistic practice extends itself to painting, sculpture and installation. Primarily the outcomes of my artistic practice comprise of the concept of expanded painting combined with a minimalist pop aesthetic.


Robert Smerdon, Painter, UK

I am a painter from the UK, currently living and working in Macau SAR. I am interested in perceptual painting, in painting as a way to record, store and display visual information. I am preoccupied with the notion of what it means to make a painting in today's technologically integrated environment. By being in Beijing I hope to experience the cultural, historical and artistic center of China.

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