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December 2014 Red Gate Residents

Dec 01,2014

Helcia Cino, Netherlands, Painting

During December 2014, life guard of Helanville Helcia Cino is staying in China to realise the town twinning between Helanville and Beijing. Helanville is a virtual island which Cino has been developing for more than eighteen years: www.helanville.com. Visitors can take a walk on the mysterious island and discover its hidden art treasures. Helanville is currently absorbing Chinese scents and flavours and almost imperceptibly taking on a Chinese air.
In Beijing Helcia will absorb its daily life and hopes to find new ´´arttreasures´´.

Luise Guest, Australia, art educator and writer
Luise Guest is an art educator, independent art writer, blogger and researcher with a particular focus on contemporary art in China and, more broadly, the Asia Pacific region. She is currently completing a book, “Half the Sky: Women Artists in China” based on her conversations with more than 25 contemporary artists, to be published in mid-2015. In Beijing and Shanghai  this December she will complete the final interviews for the book, with a focus on performance and new media artists.

Christiane Huber, Germany, Performance/Video
I am a german based artist, working in Germany and Belgium. My focus lies on socially collaborative projects and providing spaces for experiences. The exploration of communities and social interactions is based on a genuine interest in human beings and their narrations, in localities, non-localities and utopias.

I did various projects with people from different social backgrounds including socially excluded and homeless people. In Bejing i am preparing a performative project, where i am going to sit on different benches in the city collecting stories from people of different backgrounds and with different experiences. This experience-based and process oriented approach requires time to research the different localities of the benches i am going to work on. Furthermore it requires time to know how to get in contact with chinese people, what actions to choose to facilitate that contact and how to collect stories from people in China. Sitting on a bench is primarily a non-action, cause a bench is a place where people rest, pause, have a snack or a chat. Using these facts, i am searching for actions in order to get in contact with people on benches in a very subtile and natural way. I will introduce myself as a story-collector and collect stories that are told or drawn on paper or stori es that are happening around the bench.
This first phase in december will be focused on research for benches and the best localities but i will already spend a lot of time on benches, do try-outs in order to find the best setting and actions in order to collect stories. Furthermore i will start to work on the documentation and find different settings for that.

Enrique Lanz, Mexico, Mixed Media
Lanz's work is based on different media such as video, drawing and performance. The basis of his projects are always supported by the drawing, as initiator of ideas. The conceptual themes of his work are: leisure, domesticity and chance; Using this to create and change different situations of the ordinary life.

Wolfgang Obermair, Germany, Sculpture/Video Art
The starting point for my work is quite often an interest in the material itself or constructive characteristics to trigger sculptural or pictorial processes. Technical aspects I never see detached from the social environment. During my residency I want to open my work practise in a sense that it can create dialogues within a cultural context that is totally alien to me.

Jagrut Raval, India, Photo/Video/installation
My academic background in Interior Architecture and Photography allows me to understand Art within a context. The context could be the public space or a gallery space or any place where the work exists. Each of my projects is repurposed according to the space in which it is presented. I believe art is an academic process, where research is an equal component of the entire art making process. I am interested in the idea of Time in philosophy, theology and as History. While in Beijing, I will mediate series of performances in which visitors from underprivileged parts of the city will eat various food items placed in the shape of a world map. These performances will be documented through time-lapse videos.

Adam Tylicki, Poland/US, Sculpture/Video/Installation
For example what language carries and cannot carry. That there are no boundaries oh 1,2,3, so we should feel the freedom to search, either independently or not. I wish to dedicate a part of my residency to the making of a video work in collaboration with local artists - indirectly focusing on the lack of subjectivity in the ‘art market’. In Beijing I wish to breathe. In and out.

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