June 2015 Red Gate Residents

Jun 01,2015

Maria Ayub,Mexico,Photography

I am a photographer, passionate by the reality and the infinite possibility of its modification. I always been curious about other cultures and its form of expression through time. I want to explore in that reality and keep learning as an artist.


 Mathias Becker, Germany, Puppeteer, Director 

I am a young director, puppeteer and performance artist from Berlin who is working with a wide range of puppets, objects and materials which are extending the human body. How does this body change and under which circumstances? This is a question which is really interesting for me. My theater approach is to work in a non-hierarchical process and to find an international visual theater language. I´m really looking forward to go to China and I hope to be inspired by Beijing and also by interesting people I´ll meet.



Marc Freeman,Australia,Painting,mixed media

My work is part of a growing trend toward abstraction which has been gaining momentum in Australia and internationally.
I am interested in the roll Asia-Pacific plays in this global discourse. 
My time will be spent researching, collaborating and creating.
I will further develop my practice by, incorporating imagery and influences garnered from time spent at local museums, archives, galleries and connecting with locals.
I’ll experiment with local materials and ingenuity.



Katrin Hornek,Austria,sculpture, research based, video, foto

I am an Austrian artist, born in 1983, based in Vienna. After completing an exchange program at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and visiting CalArts in Los Angeles as a guest student, I finished my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Monica Bonvicini) in 2008. 

Staging a dialogue between the industrial and digital revolution, my work in sculpture, installation and photography has been focusing on changing ideas of nature (1 to 3), through collapsing fields of scientific research, architecture and anthropology. Being caught by ideas around the Anthropocene theory - claiming that humans make nature - my main focus in Beijing will investigate hybrid relationships between things that grow and objects that form.
After two self-organized residencies in Mongolia (2007/2009), I have been attending several artist residency scholarship programs including the National Sculpture Factory (Ireland, 2009), RMIT, Melbourne (2011), Banff Centre (2012), MAK Schindler-Scholarship Program, L.A. (2013).My work was recently shown at the 4 th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Office Hours, Los Anegles, Kunstraum Lakeside in Austria and Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS / Dolores in Amsterdam.


Engel Leonardo, Dominican Republic, Sculpture, installation, architectonic intervention

Working with various media like sculpture, installation, site-specific interventions an ready-mades, addresses issues related to climate, nature, traditional crafts, architecture and popular culture of the Caribbean. His works has particular interest in objects, their gestures, creation and production processes, as well as its psychological and sociological discourse implicit.

 Engel Leonardo works from constant processes of research and observation of their environment. From the city of Santo Domingo, where he lives and works, to the peripheral urban centers and remote rural communities of the island visited in their multiple trips, making their life experience and artistic production closely linked. He is currently working on a series of urban interventions that abstracts architectural elements of the almost lost modern tropical style houses from Santo Domingo, and on a series of pieces related to vernacular architecture and popular decorative objects and furniture.


Kim Waldron,Canada,visual art

My art practice frequently uses self-portraiture as a means of engaging with various contemporary social situations. Through addressing the idea that reality is always a construction, over the years my work has questioned the role of images and the importance of context as discourse. While in Beijing I will spend time working for Chinese workers, framing myself as a Canadian commodity at work in a Chinese context. This gesture can be understood as a giving back of some of the time that Chinese products have saved Westerners.

10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday - Sunday
798 Art District,
No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Beijing International Post Office
Box No. 9039,
Beijing, China 100600
(+86 10) 5762 3032
(+86) 137 0107 8721
[email protected]
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