September 2015 Red Gate Residents

Sep 01,2015

Edwin Easydorchik, UK, Painting


My work involves the construction of three dimensional structures which are then compressed and located on and within a flat painted surface. These works explore the relationship between the tactile nature of an object and its constructed identity on a plane. They derive from processes intrinsic to Drawing an Painting where elements of the real world are translated in two dimensions. Much of my work has been on a large scale and has often been made for specific places. The surfaces are usually heavily worked and enhanced by the use of exotic materials. My three month residency in Beijing will be to Fottage , upon cloth , the exterior of an entire traditional Chinese Hutong.



Bertram Haude, Germany, Public Art, Objects,Video,Photography 


Art is, in my understanding, to expand, to trick and to skip my privat - and perhaps the general - concept of reality and the common mode of perception. I am not fixed to a particular medium in my art practice. I am interested in researching two things in beijing/china: the way of how we serve the good of money and who is now appearing in full size and shape and creates the total indebtedness.

and, secondly, how, according to chinese tradition of fine art, to look at things, situations, landscapes from different viewpoints like the concept of indirect action is suggesting.



Josie Martin, New Zealand, Sculpture 


sculpture, mosaic garden and Gallery which is now a major tourist  destination. Just completing a ceramics residency in Jingdezhen, I am thinking I could continue the theme in Beijing, but in a different medium...but in saying that, I work intuitively in response to the environment I am I like to remain open to other possibilities too.



Mark Mindel, UK, Interdisciplinary

[email protected] 


I am the baked rock-hard piece of gum that sits on top of a snooker light, watching and waiting, hunting for nothing.  

I like car exhausts, flint stone, bent hinges and the heaviest cotton towels. 

I try to embody things and stuff.  

I am license to mutate.



Alexander Silva, USA, Photography, Mixed Media 


Over the past seven years, photography moved from being a hobby, to a passion, to a feeling, to my entire existence. Even before I set up my camera, the colors and details captivate and fill my mind and spirit. People who've seen me work can attest to this transplantation into an alternate time and space, where my primal thoughts become the imaginative dreams of my viewers. Always searching for a catalyst for social discussion, my work often captures both sincere and severe feelings amongst viewers, combining artistic elements kitsch, porn, and commercial art without judgement or explanation. The work being conducted while living in Beijing will focus on questioning issues of identity, object, pleasure, and erasure.



Erica Sklenars, New Zealand, Video, Performance


I work predominantly in the mediums of performance and video, creating both solo performative video art, and collaborative audio-visual performance installation. In my solo work, I turn the camera on myself, and explore the dynamic of humour in contemporary feminisms, investigating social conventions, pop culture, and the 

absurdity of human existence. Many of these themes also overlap into my collaborative work, where I work with sound artists and musicians to create performance environments and experiences. These involve projection mapping of original or found and re-contextualised video content, lighting, set and costume design.


I plan to spend my time on this residency engaging with the experimental music scene and working with female artists, collaborating where possible to create audio visual performances, and new video works.



Paul Sloan, Australia, Painting


I have an interdisciplinary practice and work across a variety of mediums, primarily gouache on paper, porcelain, sculpture, installation, and sound-based performances. I draw on multiple landscapes – sonic, socio-political, cultural, historical, colonial – for inspiration. My work focuses on the themes of colonization, revolution, rebellion and the related flux that lies within. 


I am interested in examining that which often escapes our attention. By sifting and sorting through varied forms of data, I select oblique signifiers and points of flux. Through the assembly of seemingly disparate and unconnected images and objects the viewer is required to construct their own ordering narrative(s) and positions. Images and objects are thrown up from the collective subconscious of our visually saturated epoch, devoid of hierarchy, yet laced with arguments, loaded with questions.


The same themes seem to resurface again and again within my practice, yet each time a new facet or aspect presents itself. The recurring points that pique my attention are quite varied - light in the landscape, our relationship to natural history, found images of social uprising, revolt, revolutionary activity and points of flux, the relationships that exist between music and art – yet they form an enduringly constant cycle of creation. I am interested in investigating and drawing out narratives or connections between these diverse fields.


I am particularly interested in contemporary Chinese oil painting techniques. I plan to investigate both traditional and contemporary Chinese painting techniques and practices by visiting galleries, museums, and artists' studios. Through studying traditional and contemporary Chinese painting techniques I will enrich and refine by painting practice. 


I would also like to explore opportunities to collaborate with contemporary Chinese artists and artisans with the intent of producing work for exhibition in China and Australia.



Johanna Tinzl, Austria, Visual Art, Research based, Public Art, Performative Interventions, Installations, Video, Sound, Objects, Text


Johanna Tinzl was born in Innsbruck (Austria) in 1976. The artworks Johanna Tinzl develops are based on a conceptual approach especially analyzing the relationship between social and political structures that evolve from the notions of power in everyday life. Her ideas progress following site-specific researches  which she later integrates into performative or installative formats. Her works include a wide range of media such as video, sound, object and text.


Johanna Tinzl is particularly interested in finding information from archives, virtual sources and recordings. Interviews of people directly concerned with her subject are also an important part of her investigation. These materials are assembled creating multifaceted and polyphonic narratives. Thus, her works can be of fictional or documentary nature.



Hiyeji Woo, South Korea, Sculpture, Painting


I was born in Busan, South Korea, now live and work in London where I recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. I currently explore the temporality and transformation of material over time based on entropic principles.


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