August 2015 Red Gate Residents

Jan 01,1970

Maud Craigie, UK, Multidisciplinary

My work explores the ways in which people present themselves to the world. I am interested in the space between the private and the public, in the difference between fiction and reality, and in the relationship between the artist and the subject. I draw on sociological theory, anthropology and theatre techniques to examine the performative aspects of human behaviour and how performance can function in non-theatrical contexts. The raw material for my work is generated through active engagement with with my surroundings and observing human interactions and social norms. Beijing offers an exciting opportunity to make work in an unfamiliar context.


 Edwin Easydorchik, UK, Painting

My work involves the construction of three dimensional structures which are then compressed and located on and within a flat painted surface.These works explore the relationship between the tactile nature of an object and its constructed identity on a plane.They derive from processes intrinsic to Drawing an Painting where elements of the real world are translated in two dimensions.Much of my work has been on a large scale and has often been made for specific places.The surfaces are usually heavily worked and enhanced by the use of exotic materials.My three month residency in Beijing will be to Fottage , upon cloth , the exterior of an entire traditional Chinese Hutong.


Bertram Haude, Germany, Public Art, Objects, Video/Photography

Art is, in my understanding, to expand, to trick and to skip my privat - and perhaps the general - concept of reality and the common mode of perception.
i am not fixed to a particular medium in my art practice.
i am interested in researching two things in beijing/china: the way of how we serve the good of money and who is now appearing in full size and shape and creates the total indebtedness.
and, secondly, how, according to chinese tradition of fine art, to look at things, situations, landscapes from different viewpoints like the concept of indirect action is suggesting.



Katrin Hornek, Austria, Sculpture/Research based/Photo/Video

I am an Austrian artist, born in 1983, based in Vienna. After completing an exchange program at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and visiting CalArts in Los Angeles as a guest student, I finished my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Monica Bonvicini) in 2008.
Staging a dialogue between the industrial and digital revolution, my work in sculpture, installation and photography has been focusing on changing ideas of nature (1 to 3), through collapsing fields of scientific research, architecture and anthropology. Being caught by ideas around the Anthropocene theory - claiming that humans make nature - my main focus in Beijing will investigate hybrid relationships between things that grow and objects that form.
After two self-organized residencies in Mongolia (2007/2009), I have been attending several artist residency scholarship programs including the National Sculpture Factory (Ireland, 2009), RMIT, Melbourne (2011), Banff Centre (2012), MAK Schindler-Scholarship Program, L.A. (2013).My work was recently shown at the 4 th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Office Hours, Los Anegles, Kunstraum Lakeside in Austria and Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS / Dolores in Amsterdam.


Josie Martin, New Zealand, Sculpture

sculpture, mosaic garden and Gallery which is now a major tourist  destination.Just completing a ceramics residency in Jingdezhen, I am thinking I could continue the theme in Beijing, but in a different medium...but in saying that, I work intuitively in response to the environment I am I like to remain open to other possibilities too.


Alia Pathan, UK, Video/performance/Sound/Sculpture


Alexander Silva, USA, Photography/Mixed Media

Over the past seven years, photography moved from being a hobby, to a passion, to a feeling, to my entire existence. Even before I set up my camera, the colors and details captivate and fill my mind and spirit. People who've seen me work can attest to this transplantation into an alternate time and space, where my primal thoughts become the imaginative dreams of my viewers. Always searching for a catalyst for social discussion, my work often captures both sincere and severe feelings amongst viewers, combining artistic elements kitsch, porn, and commercial art without judgement or explanation. The work being conducted while living in Beijing will focus on questioning issues of identity, object, pleasure, and erasure.


Nikkie To, Canada, Painting

10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday - Sunday
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